Bank of England Open Day

Bank of England

Join a 30-minute guided tour of parts of the Bank, usually inaccessible to the public. Tour highlights include the Garden Court (weather permitting), the Governor’s office, the Court Room and the Committee Room, where the Bank’s Monetary Policy Committee meets monthly to set the Bank Rate! Last entry at 4.00 pm. The Bank’s Museum will also be open.

The Bank of England and its Museum are opening their doors to visitors as part of the City of London Festival. Take a guided tour of this iconic city building. Tour highlights include the Court Room and the Committee Room, which is where the Bank’s Monetary Policy Committee meets once a month to set Bank Rate. In addition to learning about the work of the Bank, visitors will discover some lesser-known facts, such as the history behind the Garden Court at the centre of the Bank and the origin of the Bank’s nickname -The Old Lady of Threadneedle Street.

After the tour, visitors can attend presentations on banknotes in the Museum Cinema. Bank staff will also be in the Museum to answer questions about gold. Visitors can try to lift a genuine gold bar but need to take care if it weighs more than they expect!

All the Museum’s displays will be available. Visitors can take the helm of the new interactive boat game and simulate the role of the Bank in keeping inflation steady. Other attractions include interactive displays and films on inflation, jigsaws, a safe to be cracked and activity sheets for children. No booking is required for any of the events, but it is advisable to arrive early to avoid the queues.

The entrance is via the Museum in Bartholomew Lane. Last entry at 4.00 pm.

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