Who Runs London?

london tower

Venue: The Bowler Hat

Featured Artists:

Ben Rodgers

Sarah Sands

Professor Tony Travers

Dr. Tiffany Jenkins

The Justice, Money, Power series of lectures, debates, and interviews focusses on the financial, political, and ethical implications of life in the Square Mile, curated by cultural commentator Dr. Tiffany Jenkins.

This debate focuses on London’s machinery of government, large and complex, with many interests at play. Who has the power when it comes to running London? Are they held to account? What influences do the media; politicians; the rich (and the super-rich); Brussels; the Met; and the voters have? Should any have a greater say than they already do?

Chaired by Dr. Tiffany Jenkins, this debate features speakers Ben Rodgers (Director, Centre for London), Sarah Sands (Editor, Evening Standard), and Professor Tony Travers (Director, LSE London), who will lead a lively audience on the topic “Who runs London?”

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