Should the Human Rights Act be Scrapped?

london tower

Venue: The Bowler Hat

Featured Artists:

Emily Thornbury MP

Martin Howe QC

Philip Leach

Richard Bacon MP

Claire Fox

The Justice, Money, Power series of lectures, debates, and interviews focus on the financial, political, and ethical implications of life in the Square Mile, curated by cultural commentator Dr. Tiffany Jenkins.

The Conservative Party manifesto for the next general election proposes a British Bill of Rights, which will replace the Human Rights Act, the objective of which is to increase the protection of rights in several areas. This debate explores the question “What, if anything, is wrong with the Human Rights Act?” and “Should the Human Rights Act be Scrapped?”.

Chaired by Claire Fox (Director, Institute of Ideas). Featured speakers will include Emily Thornberry MP (Labour MP for Islington South & Finsbury and Shadow Attorney General), Martin Howe QCPhilip Leach (Professor of Human Rights Law, Middlesex University) and Richard Bacon MP (Conservative MP for South Norfolk).

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