The Blue Trees

St. Paul's Cathedral

Venue: Steps of St Paul’s

Trees for Cities is working with Australian artist, Konstantin Dimopoulos, to create a social art installation in the heart of the City. The colour (ultramarine blue) and the tree together transform and affect each other; the colour changing the Tree into something surreal, something out of this world, and the importance of trees in our urban environment.

A tree-safe colourant is used in this artwork.

The Blue Trees project has taken place in several cities around the world.

“What’s great about Trees for Cities is that their work is as much about people as it is about trees. Their vision 20 years ago of working with communities to transform the urban environment still underpins everything that they do” Gabby Logan 

Trees for Cities is an independent charity that works with communities, residents, and schools to transform the urban environment and plant trees in cities where they are most needed. In its 20th birthday year, Trees for Cities has joined forces with the City of London Festival to celebrate London’s unique tree heritage. Please help them to continue their vital work. 

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