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Wren Choral Marathon

The City of London is unique in having such a large and wonderful body of churches produced by a single architect – Sir Christopher Wren. The Wren Choral Marathon, part of the City of London Festival, gives you the chance to hear concerts by 17 different choirs in 17 Wren churches in a single day (Saturday 27 June), starting at 8.00 am and concluding with a midnight Vespers at St Stephen Walbrook; a fantastic opportunity to spend time indulging in great architecture and wonderful music in as many Wren churches as you can manage in a day.

The City of London has a plenitude of riches in the form of its incredible Wren Churches. Not only are they wonderful buildings but also extraordinary venues for choral music. This grand showcase of exceptional buildings combined with outstanding performances, not only celebrates the genius of Britain’s best-loved architect Wren but of choral life in London.

The concerts will feature a wide array of ensembles, including professional, amateur and children’s choirs, performing a broad range of musical styles – medieval, classical, contemporary, gospel and jazz. The performances will each last 45 minutes, with 15 minutes given for you to travel to the next venue.

Can you take on the #wrenathon? The Festival dares you to try and witness all 17 concerts. If you complete this challenging church quest, you could stand the chance of winning an extraordinary prize. To take part, our amazing Festival stewards will be available to stamp your programme at each church. Once you have received stamps for all 17 churches, hand over your contact details and show your stamped programme to a specified steward at the end of the day. Your name will be added to a prize draw for your chance to win a very special prize!

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