Bastille Day Celebration

Conductor Pedro Carneiro and the Portuguese Chamber Orchestra Guildhall Old Library
Conductor Pedro Carneiro and the Portuguese Chamber Orchestra, Guildhall Old Library

Free Event: Canary Wharf

Bring your French cheese and wine for a Bastille Day celebration in Canada Square Park!

1.30 – 2.45pm

Santa Macairo Orkestar 

They have traversed numerous countries with their distinctive brand of French euro ska jazz, including France, Switzerland, Great Britain, Belgium, and Holland. Santa Macairo Orkestar thrives on Eastern Europe’s music, alternating fanfare, roots, ska, the velocity of The Balkans, punk, and blues of New Orleans.

3.30 – 4.45pm


L is a young French artist, author, composer, and performer. She chose a simple letter as her stage name; she lets the public into the complexity of her heart thanks to her very personal songs. The music in her first album, ‘Premières Lettres,’ takes its roots in traditional French music, with which she mixes rock, trip-hop, and tango. This unique mix is what makes L such a powerful singer.

5.30 – 7.00pm 

KKC Orchestra

It all started in flat 74 in the cité d’Empalot, Toulouse. Four flatmates are playing around in their living room, trying to combine everyone’s skills. A DJ with a soft spot for drum ‘n’ bass, a classical pianist, a swing guitarist on whose notes a rapper, scratcher, and singer surf. Ever since, these four artists passionate about different types of music have been creating their own universe, born from the encounter of hip-hop and electro swing, in which break-beat and crafty songs can be found side by side. 

Presented in partnership with the Bureau Export

Supported by Canary Wharf Arts & Events 

Admission Free

Canary Wharf

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