Brodsky Quartet – Wheel of Four Tunes

Brodsky Quartet

Venue: Drapers’ Hall

Brodsky Quartet

‘The Wheel of Four Tunes’ 

This year the Brodsky Quartet celebrates its 40th anniversary – the latest landmark in four decades of performing at the highest musical level while also pioneering the Quartet’s brand of off-the-wall presentation. True to form, this evening’s concert is a ‘first’ of an unusual kind. The audience will arrive at the Drapers’ Hall without knowing exactly what music is about to be performed – and nor will the ‘Brodskys’ themselves.

The players have devised their ‘Wheel of Four Tunes’ to make their anniversary concerts truly different. The coloured wheel-chart on the platform includes four lists of ten works each – forty altogether, all of which the Quartet will arrive ready to play. Each of the four items they play will be decided by spinning the arrow on the wheel and seeing towards which work it points when it stops. Reflecting the Quartet’s exceptionally wide repertory, this could be anything from Schubert, Beethoven, or Brahms to Stravinsky, Webern, or Australia’s Peter Sculthorpe. The players will introduce each item before they perform it and then invite audience questions afterward. And who gets to spin the wheel? Perhaps even an audience member or two? Come to the concert to find out!

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