C-12 Trolleys

C-12 Trolleys

Venue: Finsbury Avenue Square

Award winning Australian choreographer Shaun Parker in collaboration with London’s C-12 Dance Theatre, present TROLLEYS

Part dance. Part ballet. Part outdoor spectacle. TROLLEYS is a ballet for five supermarket trolleys. Five shopping trolleys randomly appear in a public space. Two meet and fall in love. One grapples with finding a friend. Three others revolt and ignite a dance of anarchy. Trolleys spin, glide, and slide in this highly physical, humorous outdoor performance where high octane contemporary dance, acrobatics, and street dance merge with the extraordinary world of trolleys. Set to a pounding electro-acoustic score by Nick Wales, TROLLEYS will tease, thrill, and move its audience. You’ll never go shopping in the same way again.

‘Set to a pulsating score, it was heartwarming and heartbreaking at the same time. This was art accessible for the masses’ ***** The Argus, Brighton.

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